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Happy book birthday to Ness Brown’s THE SCOURGE BETWEEN STARS, a tense, claustrophobic sci-fi/horror blend in the vein of Alien and Event Horizon.

As acting captain of the starship Calypso, Jacklyn Albright is responsible for keeping the last of humanity alive as they limp back to Earth from their forebears’ failed colony on a distant planet.

Faced with constant threats of starvation and destruction in the treacherous minefield of interstellar space, Jacklyn’s crew has reached their breaking point. As unrest begins to spread throughout the ship’s Wards, a new threat emerges, picking off crew members in grim, bloody fashion.

Jacklyn and her team must hunt down the ship’s unknown intruder if they have any hope of making it back to their solar system alive.

If you want to hear more from Ness about their amazing book, you can read their post on Mary Robinette Kowal’s My Favorite Bit and listen to Ness on Tales From the Bridge podcast.

If you’re in the NYC area, you can see Ness in conversation with Nino Cipri at Astoria Bookshop or you can watch virtually via livestream on Youtube. The conversation starts at 7 PM ET.

Read on for all the lovely things that have been said about THE SCOURGE BETWEEN STARS!

“The claustrophobic, locked-in environment of a generation ship makes an ideal setting for this tense, gory, and genuinely creepy novella….The result is a sci-fi horror mash-up that holds its own with the classics of the genre.” – Publisher’s Weekly

“A perfect scare to swallow up in one sitting. Filled with blood galore while holding tender humanity at its center, this is my favorite type of horror.” —Chloe Gong, #1 New York Times bestselling author of These Violent Delights

“I loved everything about The Scourge Between Stars. From the eerie thumps within the Calypso’s walls—the call is coming from inside the spaceship!—to the mysterious collisions that endanger the aging generation ship, I devoured these pages. Magnificent.” —S. A. Barnes, author of Dead Silence

“Viscerally terrifying, all the way from the peak primal fear of a hungry predator down to the rotten core of what quiet desperation will do to a man….a perfect read in pacing, character, and alien horror, and I can’t wait to give it to any reader who grew up loving the scariest episodes of Starscape, Doctor Who, and Firefly.” – Mariana Calderon, bookseller and store manager of The Savoy Bookshop in Rhode Island

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