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Happy Book Birthday to THREADER GOD!

Please help us celebrate with Gerald Brandt on today’s release of THREADER GOD – the third and final book in his Quantum Empirica series!


The third and final book of the Quantum Empirica sci-fi series explores an alternate earth where powerful Threads have the power to alter reality as we know it.

Scarred and disfigured, Darwin Lloyd travels the country with Teresa, trying to find a life without Threads–quantum strings that can change or control reality. His only real skill in the new reality he helped create is the Dance, passed on to him by Baila as she took his ability to use Threads.

But time doesn’t stand still. Though SafeHaven and Forsyth have control of the QPS, the machine Darwin and his dad built and the reason the Threads exist, and the remnants of Salem and the Qabal are building an army to take it back.

With another brutal war looming over him, Darwin will have to make a decision that may change his and Teresa’s lives forever.

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