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Happy Book Birthday to Julie E. Czerneda!

Please help us celebrate with Julie E. Czerneda on today’s release of IMAGININGS!


How do you mark a quarter century? While parties are great—and we’ll have those—I wanted to distill the time in a tangible way. To hold it in my hands, and share with you, dear listeners, in celebration and appreciation.

But how?

A collection! I dove into my published short fiction. Some I included because they were challenging to write. Several show my growth as a writer. I love them all. There’s science fiction, fantasy, and, yes, horror. Plus an all-new story from Night’s Edge.

If you know me only from my novels, welcome to the darker, deeper corners of my imagination.

Learn more about Julie online: www.czerneda.com

Say hi and congratulations on twitter @julieczerneda

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