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Welcome New Client, K.T Lawrence!

Please join us in welcoming K.T Lawrence to kt literary as my newest client!

I love a deadly forest, and K.T’s YA fantasy/horror novel, pitched during #DVPIT, has one at its center that is lush, horrible, and teeming with dread. I’m beyond excited to work with K.T on this beautiful, haunting book about Althea, a young apothecary who braves the forest with a group of strangers and begins to hear its angry whispers in her mind, until she can no longer tell its voice from her own. 

K.T. Lawrence is a queer YA and adult author who loves to cross fantasy with other genres. Born on an island in Florida, she lived near beaches and swamps before settling in the piedmont of north Georgia. K.T. minored in English and majored in biology at the University of Florida, and currently works in a neuroscience lab. Natural and scientific themes often find their way into her books, alongside messy bi protagonists. 

Stop by K.T’s Twitter to congratulate her and say hello! 

Welcome to K.T Literary, KT!