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Welcome New Client, 7CLUBS!

Join us in extending a warm welcome to kt literary’s newest client, Gillian Pascasio, aka 7CLUBS!

Gillian’s YA graphic novel pitched during #APIpit is an action-adventure coming-of-age set against a lush background loosely inspired by 19th century Philippines. I connected strongly with Gillian’s breathtaking colors and energetic movement, as well as her wider exploration of family, legacy, and inheritance—of expectations, traumas, pride, and history!

Gillian Pascasio (aka 7CLUBS) is a Filipino lesbian komikero and character artist. Simply put, she loves writing about love—between families, friends, or gay girls—both simple and fraught, as well as the joy of discovering yourself. She always appreciates a story that can make you cry. Her versatile illustration work runs the gamut from cute to cubist, and she’ll be delighted to draw just about any weird creature (or human) you can throw at her.

She has a BFA in Visual Communication from the University of the Philippines Diliman, and has contributed cover art, interior art, and comic work to over 20 art books and anthologies, including THE PINOY MONSTER BOYFRIEND ANTHOLOGY, Fortuna Media’s TABULA IDEM and Quindrie Press’ WHEN I WAS ME. Her graphic novella, EMMY AND THE SECOND CHANCE, debuts this October 2022 at ShortBox Comics Fair.

Find 7CLUBS’ portfolio online and connect with her on Twitter!

Welcome to the kt literary team, Gillian!