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Welcome New Client, Keiko Nishijima!

I’m very excited to announce that author-illustrator Keiko Nishijima has signed with KT Literary!

Keiko is illustrating a yet-unannounced Middle Grade project and is additionally developing her own OGNs. I was instantly taken with the warmth of Keiko’s charming, evocative style; by the third sample page, I knew I wanted to work with her on getting her stories onto shelves and into the hands of young readers!

With a passion for character driven stories, Keiko Nishijima has found herself walking through life with a love for storytelling and the arts. What she enjoys more than spending her time drawing is exploring the world and more importantly, the different ways that people view it. A fan of the lonely and an appreciator of the bold—she’s an avid people watcher, so don’t mind if you catch her staring, it’s her way of saying she thinks you’re cool. Familial relationships and unlikely friendships is where Keiko finds her true love for stories, the found family trope is a constant in anything she writes. Alongside that, she has a fascination with anything magical from witches to magical talking tea cups.

Connect with Keiko online and on Twitter and Instagram @cak3o!