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Welcome New Client, Ames Liu!

I’m very excited to announce that author-illustrator Ames Liu has signed with KT Literary!

With impressive range, Ames works across print and editorial illustration, visdev, comics, and zines. Their style has an inviting warmth and tenderness that will both give home to young readers and transport them to captivating new universes. Ames is currently booked and busy with upcoming projects and has some gorgeous original GNs in the works!

Ames Liu is a Vancouver based comic artist and illustrator. They received their BFA from the Maryland Institute of College of Art in 2021. Since graduating they have been working on projects such as Z2Comics’ FREDDIE MERCURY: LOVER OF LIFE, SINGER OF SONGS and AMELIA AIERWOOD: BASIC WITCH (with Emily Hampshire). They have an affinity for stories with queer characters, fantasy elements, and lots of heart.

Find Ames online at amyliuart.com