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A Bittersweet Farewell from Hannah Fergesen

To all of the fantastic people who have followed me and my career here at KT for the last eight years:

After nearly a decade of working in publishing, I have made the difficult decision to say goodbye to agenting and follow new opportunities. It’s extremely bittersweet – I built a client list filled not only with incredibly talented individuals, but exceedingly compassionate and kind people. And it has been the privilege of a lifetime to do this work with KT Literary, an agency filled with people as empathic and gracious as they are passionate and ambitious. I spent the last month matching my writers with my colleagues, sitting in on their offer calls so I could gush or offer insight into their books, and was reminded over and over again how astounding my experience with these writers and this truly exceptional agency has been.

Which is what makes this so damn hard. Because I could not be prouder of the things we accomplished. The books I helped bring into the world. The awards for which they were deservedly nominated, the lists they made, the accolades they received. The brilliant editors we’ve worked with. The letters I’ve seen and received from readers of those books, who saw themselves in their pages. Again: it has been a privilege. To be trusted so fully by my writers and my agency. To know that I get to leave having made two dozen new friends, with whom I can confidently say I will continue to be in touch even though my time as an agent is over, because I did everything in my power to foster a relationship of trust and respect. I am so proud of all of us, and could not think of a better way to end what has been such a rewarding and incredible chapter.

Thank you all so much. Wish me luck!

Hannah Fergesen

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