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SOLD! Congratulations to Maya MacGregor!

Please help us celebrate with author Maya MacGregor on the sale of their next young adult novel!

From Publishers Weekly:

Suzy Krogulski at Astra Books for Young Readers has acquired The Evolving Truth of Ever-Stronger Will, a YA novel by Maya MacGregor (The Many Half-Lived Lives of Sam Sylvester). After watching their abusive mother die in front of them, a non-binary teen seeks out a former foster mother who once was ready to adopt them, in a mystery about family, grief, and surviving an abusive parent even as their mother’s ghost seems to dog their every step. Publication is scheduled for 2024; Sara Megibow at kt literary did the deal for world English rights.


Learn about Maya’s books online: www.mayamacgregor.com

Say hi and congratulations on twitter: @maigheach