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Welcome New Client, Selma Soren!

headshot of Selma SorenI’m delighted to welcome Selma Soren to kt literary as my newest client!

I liked Selma’s #DVPIT pitch a while back and loved her fun, snappy, college-set YA that’s Sex Lives of College Girls meets Ocean’s 8 as a group of girls sets out to take down one of Harvard’s most infamous fraternities. 

More below! 

Harvard freshman Cara Stone intends to make it through first semester by suppressing all memories of her ex-boyfriend, but when revenge proves more enticing, Cara makes it her mission to destroy Tri-Alpha, the fraternity to which he belongs. Enlisting three other girls to join her, the Bad Boy Breakers are born, and they employ sabotage, vandalism, theft, and whatever else they deem necessary to dismantle Tri-Alpha. Their actions don’t go unnoticed, and the Breakers are soon entangled with a secret society led by the flirty and infuriating Ashton, brother to Tri-Alpha’s president, and together they set their sights on the fraternity’s prized Camden Cup. But their hunt for it puts them on a collision course not only with the young men of Tri-Alpha but with other power players in the Greek system, and in their quest for revenge, Cara and her friends risk destroying both their college careers and everything that could come after. 

Selma Soren is an artist and writer of stories featuring snarky teens, science, and sisterhood. She is currently pursuing her bachelor’s in Molecular & Cellular Neuroscience. When not writing or contemplating her stack of homework, she can be found in your local coffee shop, trying to get her Shazam to work before the music changes. Go congratulate her on Twitter

Welcome to KT Literary, Selma!