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Welcome New Client, 4threset!

I’m excited to announce that author-illustrator 4threset has signed with kt literary!

Their webcomics, including Chinatop and The Witch’s Bakery, showcase their skill for intricate, whimsical visual storytelling, and their original graphic novel is an elegant, queer post-apocalyptic romance between a superhuman and an android.

Mandy “4threset” Chan is a Nonbinary Malaysian artist/animator with a Degree in Animation at the University of Technology Sydney.

They have worked on a variety of indie games such as The Magister, Amnesiac Adventurer and Himbo Harem Homicide as both a concept artist and asset artist.

Wonderfully neurodiverse, they enjoy pairing pretty words with pictures to tell flowing stories about the complicated feelings that often accompany complex familial relationships, loss, love and connection.

Find them online and on Twitter and Instagram.