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VESPERTINE wins the Cybils Award!

Congratulations to Margaret Rogerson whose New York Times bestselling novel, VESPERTINE, won the Cybils Award for Best Speculative Young Adult Novel of 2021!

From The Cybils website:

The 2021 Cybils Winners!

As we wrap up another year, we sit back and marvel at how many people are willing to step up and participate, to help out, to find and read all the books, and to make decisions that pick books we feel are excellent, and yet kid-friendly. We are grateful for everyone’s support and help and are glad we have come to the end of another successful year.

Young Adult Speculative Fiction

Vespertine is a swift-moving novel with intriguing worldbuilding that revolves around different levels of spirits with a variety of powers and the people known as vessels who are possessed by those spirits. There is a fascinating dance of power between the interplay of people living with the Sight and the spirits themselves. The judges loved Artemisia as a main character, an antiheroine with a nontypical way of interacting with the world and with the complex sort of childhood trauma that impacts the rest of her life. Faced with one hard decision after another in which she could have chosen violence and retribution, Artemisia instead chooses mercy and empathy while still being badass when it’s required. Her relationship with the revenant is a highlight of the narrative—the push and pull of control and capability echoes the internal contradictions we all face in tough morally challenging situations.


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