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Welcome new client, S.P. Rose!

S. P. Rose
S. P. Rose

So happy to welcome the imaginative and thoughtful S.P. Rose as my newest client!

S.P. knows how to draw a scene and create characters you root for. We’re so excited about the world she’s created based on
Caribbean folklore and inspired by the dynamic culture of Trinidad and Tobago!

Here’s a bio from S.P. so you can get to know her better!:

S.P. Rose was born in Brooklyn, NY to Trinidadian immigrants, and now resides in North Carolina with her husband. After teaching English for more than seven years, at high schools in America and South Korea, S.P. is now pursuing a career in creative writing. A fan of fantasy, she loves to imagine new worlds inspired by her home culture, and creates narratives that uplifts her community. In her writing, she addresses themes and trauma that haunt Afro-Caribbean and African-American history, and hopes through the power of storytelling, she can promote POC voices.
At the completion of her master’s degree in Multicultural and Transnational literature at East Carolina University, she developed a local non-profit organization, Writing For Freedom, dedicated to the mental and spiritual healing of girls and young women of color through creative writing. When she is not writing a story or working on her non-profit, S.P. can usually be found doodling original character designs, reading a fantasy or historical fiction novel, or catching up on the latest anime.

You can say hi to S.P. on Twitter, and check out her Instagram!