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Welcome New Client, Jem Yoshioka!

Please join me in welcoming New Zealand-based author-illustrator Jem Yoshioka to kt literary!

Jem’s rich, expressive art immerses readers in an elevated fantasy Japan in her manga-style graphic novel set in the Taisho era. Her character-driven writing and skill for depicting complex relationships fully embrace natural human curiosity in “the invisible, the uncapturable, and the unknown,” and cleverly engage with themes of colonization, community, and unavoidable change. Jem’s work draws from a long history of Japanese yokai lore, reimagining mythology from a diasporic perspective, which not only speaks to me personally as someone of Japanese descent, but is sure to resonate strongly with fans of manga and anime in the vein of INUYASHA and DEMON SLAYER!

Jem Yoshioka is an award winning comic artist from Wellington, New Zealand. Deftly weaving words and pictures together, Jem tells evocative and moving stories about identity, place and the powerful ways we connect to one another. Jem’s previous completed webcomic Circuits and Veins garnered more than 91,000 subscribers on the WEBTOON Canvas platform across its three year run, telling a niche queer love story in a slice of life sci-fi setting about an android and a human falling in love. Jem has been published in New Zealand and around the world, including in the Ignatz-nominated Alloy anthology ELECTRUM.

Find Jem on Twitter and Instagram @JemYoshioka, and online at jemshed.com.