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Congratulations to Michael Haspil!

Congratulations to Michael Haspil who was hired to write for this month’s Black Library Advent eShorts!

From the Black Library Website:
Celebrate the run up to Christmas and the Holiday Season with the Black Library Advent eShorts Subscription. Containing stories from Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer Age of Sigmar, and the Horus Heresy featuring characters old and new, this collection of twelve stories has something for everyone.

Featuring titles such as Road Rage, The Moon Mines of Sciara Lone, Bloodhowl, Beasts: The Road of the Hollow King, and Mad Dok, from Black Library favourites including Mike Brooks, Marc Collins, Guy Haley, John French, and Nate Crowley, this is the perfect Christmas gift for anyone who loves both the worlds of Warhammer and the surprises of an Advent calendar, with a new story becoming available every two days.

Day 11: Amor Fati by Michael Haspil

Learn more about Michael’s Warhammer obsession online here: www.michaelhaspil.com

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