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Welcome new client, Michaela Woelk!

Michaela WoelkMassive welcome to the wonderful and lovely Michaela Woelk, my newest client!

Michaela’s writing is evocative and poetic, and she creates beautiful characters that feel alive and real. I can’t wait to read more by her and share her work with the world!

Here’s a bio from Michaela so you can get to know her better!:

Michaela Woelk is a mixed-race woman born in Namibia and raised in Harare, Zimbabwe. She is a firm believer that a little bit of magic makes every story better. As a teenager, she loved writing stories and always thought she’d write a book someday–when she had the perfect job, the perfect home, and the perfect spouse. Oh, the follies of youth. After completing her undergraduate in Sociology and Environmental and Geographical Science she went on to get her MPhil in Environment, Society, and Sustainability. Back home in Harare, she decided to finally write that book she always thought she could. And then she wrote another, and another, and the rest is history. When she’s not crouched over her laptop, she can be found in the kitchen trying out a new recipe or on the couch becoming way too invested in fictional characters on the TV.

You can say hi to Michaela on Twitter, and check out her website!