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Happy Book Birthday to THE GREAT GHOST HOAX!

Congratulations to Emily Ecton, whose new novel THE GREAT GHOST HOAX releases today from Atheneum Books for Young Readers! In this sequel to 2020’s THE GREAT PET HEIST:

Butterbean is bored. She and the other pets pulled off a heist once, but that was a million years ago. Nothing exciting has happened since then. That is, until Mrs. Third Floor shows up at their apartment, convinced there’s a ghost in the building.

Mrs. Third Floor’s rental unit is showing signs of paranormal activity — eerie noises, objects moving when no one is there, fish disappearing from the tank overnight. The pets decide to investigate. Soon they’re confronted with a bigger problem than just ghosts: professional ghost hunters who are offering to drive out the spirits for a hefty fee. It’s up to Butterbean and the rest of the gang to save Mrs. Third Floor from losing her life savings to scammers, all while dealing with some really annoying new animals. Can the furry friends uncover the truth in time?

Kirkus says (with some spoilers deleted), “The Strathmore Building’s pets and other residents, human or otherwise, are literally suckered into investigating rumors of a poltergeist in vacant 5B. Sodden towels and other signs of intrusion in 5B may reduce the landlady to hysterics, but the multispecies team members assembled in Ecton’s The Great Pet Heist (2020) are made of sterner stuff (mostly) and are ready for new exploits.[…] Silly business galore, with more than a few sly tentacular twists.”

Grab a copy today wherever you love to buy books!!