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On the Podcast: Michelle Ruiz Keil

Michelle Ruiz Kiel’s modern stories with mythic sensibilities are some of my favorites. She is someone I wanted to have on the podcast for a long time. I think it started when I heard her panel on modern fairy tales at the ALA Midwinter conference in Seattle a few years ago. I wanted to bring her on and ask her all about writing mythology, magical realism, and modern fairytales.

This week, Michelle joined me to talk about all things mythology, storytelling, and her new novel SUMMER IN THE CITY OF ROSES. We also talk about the gorgeous covers for both of her books and the amazing artists who created them!  You can find them on Instagram.

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The artist for the ALL OF US WITH WINGS cover is Whitney Salgado @ws.illustration

The artist for the SUMMER IN THE CITY OF ROSES cover is Maga Gon @maga.sama

Find Michelle on her Website, Twitter and Instagram

You can find us at and on Twitter and Instagram.