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Welcome New Client, Sarah Burgess!

I’m very pleased to announce that UK-based author-illustrator-animator Sarah Burgess has signed with kt literary! With their lively, dynamic style paired with a sweet and genuine contemporary voice, Sarah’s the perfect creator for young readers and fans of realistic fiction in the vein of Raina Telgemeier’s SMILE. Sarah’s MG debut graphic novel SKIP! is an enchanting love story about the romances we don’t typically focus on—childhood friendship and platonic romance:

Shy and quiet about their passion for poetry, Jay feels like they don’t have a voice or identity. Beah, on the other hand, is fierce, charming, athletic, and OBSESSED with double dutch. When the two meet, sparks fly and Jay is welcomed into the world of skipping. Jay uses their unique rhymes to have a VOICE, and Beah uses her mad skills to achieve her goals, but relationships are intense both in and out of game; with beautiful platonic intimacy also comes jealousy and co-dependency. As Beah and Jay help each other to develop into the people they will become, growth may come at the cost of their newfound friendship.

Sarah Burgess has been working in animation for seven years and drawing comics since forever. Their passion lies in drawing character-driven stories that focus on the complexities and exploration of relationships and people. They are most known for their comics on mental health; they also draw a webcomic, The Princess Beast, inspired by shojo manga and all about social anxiety. SKIP! is based on their relationship with their own childhood best friend, who they describe as their first love to this day.

Welcome to the team, Sarah! Find Sarah online and connect with them on Twitter and Instagram.