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On the Podcast! Ellen Booraem and Deva Fagan

Today, I have the privilege of speaking with two of our Powerhouse Middle Grade authors, Ellen Booraem and Deva Fagan. These women are both from Maine and they both write beautiful, sharp, emotionally resonant Middle Grade fantasy.

We talk about writing, magic, LARPing, and puppers. We also talk about promoting their books with a group of authors who all release in April 2021. Ellen and Deva have been joined by Nancy Werlin whose YA release is called ZOE ROSENTHAL IS NOT LAWFUL GOOD and Leah Cypess’ Middle Grade fantasy THORNWOOD.

I had such a wonderful time speaking with Deva and Ellen and I hope you enjoy the conversation, too. You can find the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitchr, iHeartRadio, and more! Just Search ktliterary!

River Magic


Deva Fagan: website, Twitter and Instagram

Ellen Booraem: website, Twitter, Facebook

You can find us at ktliterary.com and on Twitter and Instagram.