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Happy Book Birthday to SPECTRUM!

Please help us celebrate with award-winning author Julie E. Czerneda on today’s release of SPECTRUM!

“In Spectrum, as in her other novels, Czerneda uses her biology background to good effect in creating interesting and compelling aliens, each with their own quirks.” – The Miramichi Reader

SPECTRUM is the third book in Julie’s Webshifter Library series and the sixth (seventh?) starring her famous character, Esen – one of the best, funniest, most genuinely curious alien protagonists in science fiction.

“Esen is a web-being, a rare and semi-immortal entity who is able to shift her molecular structure to take on the guise of any species that her kind has accumulated sufficient data about.”

Here Be Monsters

Something malevolent lurks in deep space, something able to pluck starships from their course and cause their crews to vanish.

It has a purpose: to use those ships to mark an unmistakable boundary. A warning.

It has an interest: Botharis, the planet where Esen and Paul have established the All Species’ Library of Linguistics and Culture. Home to Veya Ragem, whose ship was the first to trespass.

Esen and Paul will need every resource, every friend and even foes, if they’re to discover who–or what is behind this before more are lost. Once they do, Esen plans to use her abilities to comprehend and reason with this new species. What she doesn’t know? There truly are monsters. And they wait for you in the dark.

Just ask Evan Gooseberry.

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