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Audiobook Pre-Order goes Live for Royaline Sing’s Debut

On Monday April 19th, Royaline Sing’s debut historical romance, BETTING ON A DUKE’S HEART hits shelves!

Today we’re excited to announce that the audiobook is live for pre-order!

Our audiobook publisher, Insatiable Editorial, hired two brilliant narrators and we can’t wait for readers to hear them! Neha DeLancie and Tristan James bring Royaline’s book to life – check it out on Audible.

Aetius White, the Duke of Saxton, couldn’t save his father, but he’ll be damned sure to save his father’s dream. He’ll acquire a Triple Crown-winning horse at any cost, even marriage.

Miss Dina Campbell wants a soulmate, and hell will freeze over before she’d marry a horse-mad man who loves horses more than a woman. However, with her father aging quickly and her Indian heritage drawing interest in town, she may not get the say in her future that she’d hoped. Those prize horses belonging to her father are drawing attention from suitors, and time may be over for her to find a love match.

When the two are contracted for an arranged marriage, sparks fly. Only way to settle? A game of challenges where winner gets it all. If only their fiery wills stop clashing and sizzling kisses don’t get in the way.

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