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Welcome New Client, Josephine Josephs!


Hurrah, hooray, yahoo!!!

Excited to announce that I’ll be repping amazing comic artist Josephine Josephs!

Such cool and cute art! Such a wonderful human!

Jo has created a wonderful and joyful graphic novel about two trans kids that love to skate—ALSO: one of them is the most adorable vampire you’ll ever meet!


Here’s a bio from Jo so you can get to know them better!:

Josephine is a southside Chicago-based, born and raised, comic artist. They eat art for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, respectively. They enjoy speculative fiction, especially fantasy and sci-fi related stories. Anything with sparkles and magic with realism tied in just catches their eye. They also can’t resist cute and wholesome stories, tending to draw in that direction. When they are not doodling, they bide their time by playing too much DnD, and staring at their yarn pile longingly.

You can say hi to Jo on Twitter, and check out their website!