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SOLD! Congrats to Chris Panatier on the sale of STRINGERS!

Please help us congratulate Chris Panatier on the sale of STRINGERS to Gemma Creffield at Angry Robot Books!

From Publisher’s Marketplace:

Author of THE PHLEBOTOMIST Chris Panatier’s STRINGERS, in which a genius is abducted by an alien bounty hunter for the location of a powerful interdimensional object; trouble is, he can’t remember a thing, to Gemma Creffield at Angry Robot, in a nice deal, for publication in February 2022, by Hannah Fergesen at kt literary (world English).”

STRINGERS, Chris’s sophomore novel after the fantastic debut THE PHLEBOTOMIST, is a bitingly funny and often scary exploration about the nature and value of knowledge and the ways we may not even realize we are connected to the broader universe.

You may find him on twitter, and his website!

Congratulations, Chris!!!

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