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Welcome to New Client, Ness Brown!

Please help us give a warm welcome to kt literary’s newest client, speculative fiction writer, Ness Brown!

I am thrilled to welcome Ness into the kt literary family. Ness’s terrifying space horror, STAR SIX NINE, had me both quaking in my chair and unable to tear my eyes away. Utilizing sharp worldbuilding, understated psychological terror, and a truly scary alien threat, Ness has crafted a gorgeously written story that I cannot wait to share.

Ness Brown is a proud New Mexican living in New York City (and missing green chile) with their husband and two cats, Faust and Mephi. They studied Astronomy at Columbia University and are currently teaching astrobiology to college students willing to wonder about worlds beyond our own.
You can find and welcome them to the kt literary team on twitter, and see what else they’re working on here!
Welcome, Ness!