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Welcome New Client, Crystal Ball!

I’m thrilled to announce my newest client, the glamorous Crystal Ball!

Crystal and I are overjoyed to bring you a delightful #ownvoices Drag Queen adult fiction called THE PAGEANT. You’re welcome, World. (Hold for applause.)

It’s been a gift to escape into the world that is THE PAGEANT, Crystal Ball’s fun, funny, and sexy book about Eli/Maureen Biology, a drag queen who needs to win a pageant to pursue her dreams of life in the big city. Eli has a plan to accomplish his goals, and he’s not giving them up for anyone, especially not a boyfriend who refuses to get on board with his mission. Not on Eli’s To-Do List? Falling in love with his best friend’s crazy-hot ex. Like, seriously… SO… HOT.

Here’s a bio from Crystal, so you can get to know her better!:

She’s been called a chanteuse, an ingenue, and sometimes, “sir.” But underneath it all, Crystal Ball is a simple, humble, and unassuming woman.

After spending her childhood at an elite boarding school for gifted youngsters, Crystal emerged into the world a bright eyed, sharp witted tastemaker in possession of a physical beauty said to rival Helen of Troy.

Following a multi-billion dollar stock market windfall, Ms. Ball decided to leave the finance world and begin working as Jennifer Lopez’s body double. However, after one day of Keto, Crystal’s dangerous curves proved too treacherous for even J Lo to handle and the two parted ways due to “creative differences.”

Now, at barely 22 years old, Crystal begins her next chapter as a bestselling author and haute couture muse.

Pronouns: Your/Her Grace


You can say hi to Crystal on Twitter, and check out her website!