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SOLD! Congrats to Grace D. Li on the sale of her debut PORTRAIT OF A THIEF!

Please help us congratulate Grace D. Li on her sale of PORTRAIT OF A THIEF to Amber Oliver at Phoebe Robinson’s new imprint at Dutton, Tiny Reparations Books!!

From Publisher’s Marketplace:

Grace D. Li’s PORTRAIT OF A THIEF, a heist novel based on a true story of Chinese art vanishing from Western museums, pitched as THE FAREWELL meets OCEANS ELEVEN, about diaspora, unlikely friendships, the colonization of art, and the complexity of the Chinese American identity, to Amber Oliver at Tiny Reparations Books, in a pre-empt, by Hannah Fergesen at kt literary (World English).”

PORTRAIT OF A THIEF an upmarket novel like nothing else I’ve ever read. It yearns and aches and at the same time, gives us an immaculately crafted heist narrative, perfectly pulled off by a beautifully written ensemble of Chinese American college students, who all must grapple with the question of how and where to belong. Kt Literary maintained translation rights for this title, and film rights are being handled by Steve Fisher at APA

You may find her on twitter, and a press kit is available on her website,

Congratulations, Grace!!!