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Welcome New Client, Ethan Alexander!

Welcome Ethan Alexander, our newest client!

THE NEW UNION is one of those rare YAs that is both beautifully written and wickedly smart… and has a slow-burn romance that you can’t help but root for!

Ethan and I found each other through #SFFpit (making him my second client I’ve signed because of SFFpit).

I was immediately intrigued by his story of a domed society that  restricts and denies history–not to mention the writing itself. To quote Ethan, “Vance Battle is a fifteen-year-old Afro-Cuban kid—only he doesn’t know that he is.” What follows is a journey of navigating identity, a blossoming best friendship (and more), and a dangerous discovery that proves The New Union is not at all the utopia it purports to be.

THE NEW UNION is a well-crafted tale by a thoughtful and talented writer, and I cannot wait to see what Ethan writes next!

Here’s a bio from Ethan so you can get to know him better:

Ethan Alexander is a Black American author born in Houston, Texas, and raised in the forgotten streets of Delaware. He received his Liberal Arts degree at Wilmington University with a focus on literature (his favorites being African American Literature and Graphic Novel Writing). His love of stories came from his imaginative childhood where he’d read tales of unsuspecting heroes facing insurmountable odds that came out the other end forever changed. He went on to become a visual merchandiser, a scriptwriter for commercials, and a freelance writer, but his passion always remained on bringing stories about the Black experience and LGBTQAI+ representation to life in fantastical worlds. He currently lives in Houston, and when he’s not glued to his keyboard or reading, he’s probably binging an addictive TV show or making needlessly heartfelt music on his acoustic guitar.
You can also check out his website and Twitter to stay up-to-date.