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Welcome New Client, Jacqueline Barnes!

I’m happy to announce that kt literary has signed Jacqueline Barnes, a multidisciplinary artist and writer!

Jacqueline is a skilled storyteller with a boundless imagination, and her young adult graphic novel project is the enchanting escapist fantasy of my dreams. It’s particularly thrilling to represent an author-illustrator with such a unique and vivid style combined with the elegant character work and sprawling worldbuilding in Jacqueline’s YA debut, ANAMNESIS:

In the land of SenBor, witches control memories and can change the course of history, and Gods walk the earth in human shells as advisors to the monarchs.

Isra is a narcoleptic sixteen-year-old witch who can control memories, an Anama by birthright. But as an avid romance fan, she’s more concerned with her own happily ever-after than the decade-long war between the Anama and the monarchy. Unfortunately, her fairy tale romance is leagues away as she’s lived ostracized from society with her overbearing sister for as long as she can remember. To make matters worse, Isra can dream—a power that no other being in Senbor possesses—and her dreams have a cryptic message:

The world is dying, and she must be the one to save it.

Pitched as LAURA DEAN KEEPS BREAKING UP WITH ME meets American Gods, ANAMNESIS combines Jacqueline’s love of graphic art and Black fantasy.

Love, inclusivity, and the fantastical are three words that best encapsulate Jacqueline Barnes’ work. Refusing to give in to mass media stereotypes that Black female characters are “too independent and strong” for love, she created PhantaNoir: a genre that places Black characters, cultures, and mythos at the center of fantastical stories. Adamant that compassion is the answer, Jacqueline strives to share her work with the world so that younger Black girls can get some of that love, too.

Jacqueline has a Bachelor of Art and Creative Writing from Carnegie Mellon University, a Master’s from UCLA’s Animation workshop, is a VONA 2017 Alum, was a resident at the 2017 Santa Fe Art Institute, and is an inaugural diversity fellow at the Highlights foundation.

Welcome to the team, Jacqueline!

Check out Jae’s art on her website and connect with her on Twitter and Instagram.