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Welcome New Client, L. Jo King!

Welcome L. Jo King, our newest client!

It isn’t often that I read a book that keeps me smiling nonstop—THE ADVENTURES OF RED ELECTRON did that and had me laughing out loud!

I love Supers. So when I saw Jo’s #SFFpit tweet, I HAD to read the manuscript! Here’s that fateful tweet:

College student Arin Adams accidentally zooms to the top of the world of professional heroism. The only thing stopping her from being #1 is her hero-hating girlfriend…and the fact that her ‘super’power is completely useless. Oops.

On our first Zoom call, Jo and I nerded out over Raimi’s Spider-Man vs. the MCU, all the different iterations of Batman, and comics as source material, and I quickly learned something I had already guessed: Jo, like all my clients, is way cooler than me.

Here’s a bio from Jo (who was also a #RevPit 2020 winner) so you can get to know them better!

Jo decided they wanted to be an author after receiving a Creative Writing Award in 4th grade for an essay on flower pressing. Starting out writing what would more closely be defined as Legend of Zelda fanfiction than original works, Jo became obsessed with creating unique and vivid worlds in SFF. They received a Bachelor of Science in Film and Video Production from Drexel University in 2015, but after 4 years in L.A. working in the television industry, Jo and their two cats moved to Maryland to focus on writing. When not tormenting characters, Jo can be found hugging puppies as a Veterinary Technician and making terrible puns on Twitter.