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Welcome New Client, James E. Graham!

Welcome James E. Graham, our newest client!

Jamie is my third client, and his manuscript charmed me for so many reasons. I felt like he reached into my head to craft this story just for me—and now we’re at work to be able to share it with everyone else! I’ve been saying I needed something to fill the Magicians-shaped hole in my life. POOF! Enter Jamie with a manuscript that drew me in and didn’t let go.

Jamie is a dedicated writer, and you can see his love of fantasy and NYC scrawled across the pages of SORCERY INC. It’s an urban fantasy about a normal guy who is recruited to work for a magical company… and I mean literally Magical–as in spells, potions, and even a dragon or four.

Here’s a bio from Jamie so you can get to know him better!

Jamie is a born-and-bred Brooklynite who worked in finance and startup, only to then realize (not unlike his main character, albeit years later) he had followed the wrong path for the wrong reasons.  Reorganizing his life to focus on writing, he transitioned to a series of consulting gigs to pay the rent and moved to the Hudson Valley, where he and his Australian Shepherd, Barlow, continue to reside today.  While he would be a first-time author, he was trained as an English major at Princeton University, where he studied under Russell Banks, Joyce Carol Oates, and Stuart Dybek.

Follow Jamie on Twitter @JamesEGraham