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Welcome New Client, Nora Elghazzawi!

I am overjoyed to announce that Nora Elghazzawi is now represented by kt literary! Nora’s YA Contemporary Fantasy novel, A VEIL OF STARS AND JASMINE, combines the whimsical tone of Howl’s Moving Castle and the sparkling magic of Sailor Moon, and will appeal to readers who enjoy fairytales, twinkling prose, and quirky heroines who wear their hearts on their sleeves:

By daylight, sixteen-year-old Jasmine Nujoum bides her time as a regular sophomore in the enchanted town of Bella Notte. In a city with moon-flour bakeries and summoning-parking-lots, there’s never a dull day that passes. But by starlight, Jasmine uses her gift to take odd jobs for clients, searching for anything — lost loves and car-keys and sometimes even memories. There’s just one catch to her magic; she can’t use it for herself. Otherwise, she’ll lose something of equal value.

Nora is a Muslim Lebanese-American writer, and her short story, SOLACE, was selected by #1 New York Times bestselling author, Nicola Yoon, to appear in FORESHADOW, a serial anthology launched by Emily X.R. Pan and Nova Ren Suma. FORESHADOW was acquired by Algonquin and is slated to be published in paperback in October 2020.

I read “Solace” a couple years ago while interning in editorial, and unsuccessfully attempted to track down more of Nora’s beautiful writing. Needless to say, finding her query in my inbox was an unbelievably magical moment; A VEIL OF STARS AND JASMINE is a gorgeously written fantastical romcom full of mystery and delight, and I’m very proud to be representing Nora.

Welcome to the team, Nora!