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Welcome New Client, Lia Ryerson!

I’m thrilled to welcome Lia Ryerson to KT Literary as my newest client. I had to force myself not to offer representation off her sample pages alone because I fell completely in love with the immersive world of THE PARDONING, an atmospheric fantasy that reads as if V.E Schwab had written The Hunger Games. It’s whimsical, genreblending, and queer, and I’m so excited to work on it with Lia. 

More on THE PARDONING below:

In the land of Pontworth, people work tirelessly to pay off their debts and escape the debtor’s colony of the East. But Bonnie’s debt is beyond repaying. Her only chance lies in the Pardoning, a random drawing that sends one Easterner to the West regardless of what they owe. But Bonnie refuses to enter when winning means leaving behind her girlfriend Indigo. When a crooked king rigs the drawing in Bonnie’s favor, the choice is made for her. Torn from her life–and from Indigo– Bonnie’s transported to the West, a place of magical flowers and incredible luxury where she must navigate scheming sycophants and an unpredictable monarch if she ever wants to see Indigo again.

Lia is a fantasy writer and sufferer of middle child syndrome. Originally from Colorado, she moved to New York to pursue a life uninhibited by altitude sickness. She lives in Brooklyn with her partner and cat, and both her personality and writing have been described by friends as “funny, then abruptly infuriating.” You can follow Lia on Twitter @liaryerson and on her website liaryerson.com.

Welcome to KT Literary, Lia!