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Happy Book Birthday to CRY OF METAL & BONE!

Please help us congratulate L. Penelope on today’s release of CRY OF METAL & BONE!

This epic romantic fantasy is the third of four books in the Earthsinger Chronicles series and, yes, you can read them out of order! But, whatever you do – get on it before the searing and brilliant finale releases next year.

“Readers looking for a romantic, inclusive version of Game of Thrones will find plenty of courtly politics here as well as a marvelous medley of world building. Penelope draws on an array of fantasy tropes, ranging from steampunk to medieval, and deftly blends it all together into something entirely original. But Penelope‚Äôs writing shines the brightest through her characters…” – Booklist, starred review

CRY OF METAL & BONE – available now in print, ebook and audiobook (narrated by the amazing Allyson Johnson)

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