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Welcome New Client, Kirsten Thompson!

It is a pleasure to welcome Kirsten to the kt literary team. I was immediately drawn to Kirsten’s immersive world-building, elegant command of language, and the sweet, clever dialogue in her remarkable YA fantasy graphic novel, SKIES SO RED:

Kelby is a mermaid serving as an envoy in the court of a hotheaded prince. When the Prince is kidnapped by whalers, Kelby is caught up in the conflict between the whalers and their prey; to rescue the Prince, she forms an alliance with a band of pirates and their leader, Olena. The two join forces on a thrilling rescue mission and, while navigating uncertain waters, must confront the whalers, their own preconceptions, and their growing feelings for one another.

Kirsten is the writer of I AM HEXED, a comic book miniseries about the political struggles of modern-day witches, and has also been the editor and consultant on a range of comics. She was a staff writer at The MNT, and has previously written for Femsplain, Teen Vogue and Women Write About Comics.

Connect with her on Twitter @katannthompson and check out the I Am Hexed series online.

Welcome to the kt family, Kirsten!