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Welcome New Client, Kat Abbott!

I’m thrilled to announce that Kat Abbott has joined the KT Literary family as my newest client! I am over-the-moon excited to be working with Kat on her hilarious supervillain origin story for middle grade readers. I knew by the second line of her manuscript that I absolutely had to work with her. I mean, who can resist supervillains named Soda Jerk and Comic Sans??

More about her story, FOR EVIL EYES ONLY, here:

When Speck’s dad dies in a mission gone wrong, it’s up to Speck to continue the family legacy: raining mayhem on the city of Snarksville. But Speck doesn’t come from a line of ordinary villains; he comes from a line of evil geniuses. And he has to make sure the line doesn’t snap.

The only problem is that Speck is twelve and hasn’t exactly finished his training. But a good villain never backs down from a challenge. As he begins his evil journey, he does things his dad expressly forbid, such as taking on an overly enthusiastic sidekick named Slip Stitch and befriending a baby squirrel named Baby Squirrel.

At first, being a villain is everything he imagined it would be. He loves unleashing his hacker drones on unsuspecting citizens and battling with his new arch nemesis. But when his mission to steal the key to the city goes horribly wrong and another villain encroaches on his territory, he fears he’s tarnished his family’s legacy beyond repair. A mortified Speck must decide–stick to the rules set by his dad and ditch his sidekicks-turned-friends or risk his family’s reputation to become his own type of supervillain and thwart the invader to preserve Snarksville as his own.

Kat Abbott lives in Wisconsin with her husband, two cats, and a thousand mosquitoes. During the day, she’s the lead writer for a mobile video game company, where she gets to come up with endless puns and write friendships for some of her favorite Disney characters. At night, she writes humor and horror MG novels. She’s also a proud former mentee of Author Mentor Match.

Please congratulate Kat! You can connect with her on Twitter, Instagram, or visit her website!