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On the Podcast: Associate Agent Aida Lilly!

Today I have the privilege of introducing Aida Lilly! She is one of the new Associate Agents here at kt literary and I talked with her about bookselling, what’s she’s reading right now, and all the genres she’s looking for in her query inbox.

Aida Lilly was born in Alabama and now calls Denver home. She attended the University of Montevallo and studied English and writing. She holds an MA in Organizational Management and a graduate certificate in publishing. She is the Communications Fellow for The Word for Diversity, and an Associate Agent at kt literary. Her favorite genres are adult and YA sci-fi and fantasy, contemporary YA, humor, and adult general fiction (bonus points for books written by diverse authors with characters that leap off the page). Good writing and pacing are all she needs to get wrapped up in a story, and her ideal day is spent with books, coffee, and bathbombs.

Congratulations, Aida!

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