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Working for Change

I’ve been doing my best to listen to the voices of the Black Community; reading Black stories, reaching out to check on the members of my family that are directly affected by this, and making donations to the Minnesota Freedom Fund and the local Denver chapter of Black Lives Matter. But like so many of us, I want to do more, to be a better ally.

KT Literary has long been committed to finding new diverse voices to represent – new stories from writers of marginalized backgrounds that more fully represent the world around us both as it is, and as we wish it to be. But representing authors of color is only a part of that. We recognize the privilege that pervades so much of the publishing industry and the barriers to success that many prospective agents face. We’re committing to doing our part to help make the publishing industry more diverse.

I can’t completely reset the table, but I can pull up another chair.

We’d love to bring on another agent to KT Literary, someone who shares our passion for great stories for children and teens, for fantastic worlds and romance for adults, for diverse voices, better representation, and tales that will become tomorrow’s bestsellers and award-winners. If you think that describes you, if you have a desire to help authors craft a career in this business, please, send us your resume.

The road to being a literary agent, for many, is often a bit of an apprenticeship program, but at the same time I want to make it clear that I’m looking for someone who ultimately wants to build their own list of clients. I’m not looking for an assistant to simply help with reading queries or following up on submissions, (although that may be part of the journey). We want to give someone the kind of mentorship they would usually have to move to New York to receive, and in return diversify and expand the pool of personal experience within the publishing conversation. If you have experience already as an intern, as a publishing assistant, as an editor – great! If you don’t, if all you bring to the table is a love of books and an interest in convincing others to read them, wonderful!

Location isn’t a barrier to success. Our agents already live around the country, in Colorado, New York, and Arizona. This is a time when many are undertaking a transition to working from home. We’ve been practicing this for years.

Now, I can’t completely change how agents are paid – we work on commission, so that means we get paid when our clients get paid, when we help them close deals. But our commission structure is very fair, we cover many of your working expenses, and I’m confident we can do what’s needed to help a fledgling agent get their start.

If this sounds like the right next step for you – if you want to be a part of the publishing industry and open the gates to more diverse voices and stories – we want to work with you.

Send your resume to work@ktliterary.com, and let’s make some amazing books together.

EDITED 6/15/2020: We’re so grateful to the many qualified candidates who have already applied for this new program. We’ve completed our first round of interviews, and are not looking for more resumes at this time.

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