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On the Podcast: Tiffany Schmidt and Jessica Spotswood

This week I have the privilege of talking with two very smart and talented women. Tiffany Schmidt and Jessica Spotswood join me to celebrate the release of Tiffany’s new book in her Bookish Boyfriends series: TALK NERDY TO ME. Of course, I had to bring them on the show to talk about the fictional men who have been melting hearts for years.

We talk about Romeo and Juliet and the difference between romantic and creepy, Gilbert Blythe and how he’s basically perfect,
(this is not up for debate) and whether Jo and Laurie are the OTP or Laurie and Amy. (This is up for debate.) It was such a fun discussion and I am excited to be able to share it with you! You can find the show anywhere you listen to podcasts. Subscribe so you never miss an episode! You can find Tiffany’s new book, TALK NERDY TO ME here. And Jessica Spotswood’s newest book, THE LAST SUMMER OF THE GARRETT GIRLS here.