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Welcome to New Client, Lani Frank!

Please help us give a warm welcome to kt literary’s newest client, Lani Frank!

I am thrilled to welcome Lani into the kt literary family! Her MG fantasy, GOLNICK AND KIRA SEARCH FOR A HEALER (BUT GET A BIT SIDETRACKED) is a humorous adventure through a silly and sometimes scary world populated with fickle magic, improbable inventions, hide-and-seek-playing gods, and two countries who have been at war for so long they don’t really even know why they hate one another – they just know they do. I fell in love with the earnest and agreeable Golnick, the ambitious and STEM-loving Kira, and their hilarious and heartwarming journey from foes to friends.

Lani Frank is an optometrist who pokes at eyeballs by day and writes MG and YA books by night. She has worked as a literary intern (remotely—the commute from Australia proved wildly inefficient) and is a coffee-addicted insomniac who refuses to believe the two traits are in any way connected. In case of fire, Lani would rescue her Kindle ahead of her husband, because priorities.
You can find and welcome her to the kt literary team on twitter!
Welcome, Lani!