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Happy Book Birthday to Juno Rushdan!

Please help us celebrate with Juno Rushdan whose HOSTILE PURSUIT releases today!

HOSTILE PURSUIT is the first in a romantic suspense series called the “Hard Core Justice” series. Look for four more books coming soon – start now and enjoy the ride!

When ruthless killers target them,even a safe house isn’t safe.

Only twenty-four hours remain until marshal Nick McKenna’s informant, Lori Carpenter, will testify against a powerful drug cartel. Nick has kept her safe for an entire year, but now all hell is breaking loose. With a team of cold-blooded assassins closing in, the by-the-book lawman decides to go rogue. He’ll risk his life for duty…and put it all on the line for his irresistible witness.

Learn more about Juno’s books online: www.junorushdan.com

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