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Query and Pages Critique Giveaway Announcement

I’m happy to announce that I’ll be hosting a monthly query and first pages critique giveaway to help aspiring authors hone their submissions. The giveaway will be held on the first of every month starting in February 2020, and the details are as follows.

What? The first 10 queries I receive with “Critique Giveaway” in the subject field will be eligible. I’ll provide constructive feedback on both the query, comps, and bio, as well as the first three pages.

When? Starting February 1st, and then monthly on the first day of each month following.

How? Just follow the submission guidelines here on the kt literary website (query & 1st 3 pages, please!)

Who? Any querying writers are allowed to submit, so long as they haven’t submitted the project to me previously and have a full, polished manuscript should I choose to request additional pages.

Why? Because I love helping writers hone their craft and their submissions. I’m an editorial agent and would love to share a little of my insight with folks in hopes that it can help elevate their work.

Please note that I’m currently the only agent offering this opportunity and be sure to send to me!

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