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Happy Book Birthday to THE KING’S QUESTIONER!

Congratulations to Nikki Katz on the publication of her second novel THE KING’S QUESTIONER, out today from Swoon Reads!

From the author of The Midnight Dance comes an epic YA fantasy featuring royal drama, dark magic, and a secret that could topple a kingdom.

Kalen has been cursed with a gift: he’s a mental picklock, able to access a person’s memories and secrets by touch. His skills make him the perfect questioner to the king, and he spends his days interrogating prisoners of the crown.

But when Kalen’s estranged childhood friend, Prince Cirrus, falls into a sudden coma, the king begs Kalen to intervene. By accessing Cirrus’ mind, Kalen saves his life—and uncovers a terrifying secret. The prince has a sister, banished long ago, and she is the key to the destruction or survival of the kingdom.

With the help of Cirrus and a silver-haired thief named Luna, Kalen must find the princess and bring her home. Or risk death at the hands of his king.

And for an even more succinct summary, I love this review from Booklist: “Lies, dark magick, a secret prophecy, and the journey to set it all right … This is an intriguing story for any reader who loves a clue chase.”

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