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Happy Book Birthday to K.D. Edwards!

“If you are a fan of D & D, or any other type of role-playing game of that nature, then you will love these books. Much like The Last Sun, The Hanged Man is a quest story, and yet it is much more than that. It is theater of the mind. It is the finest form of escapism I have ever read. There are no proper terms to express how powerfully this book affected me. For only his second book, K.D. Edwards has delivered something that I can only categorize as masterful. Put simply, The Hanged Man is probably the best book I have ever read.” – Two Gay Geeks

Congratulations to K.D. Edwards whose second fantasy novel, THE HANGED MAN, releases today!

THE HANGED MAN is Book #2 in The Tarot Sequence and picks up where K.D.’s 2018 debut THE LAST SUN leaves off.

Available now in ebook and print book and coming later this week in audiobook as narrated by the brilliant Josh Hurley.

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