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SOLD! Congrats to Rebecca Mahoney!

Please help us congratulate Rebecca Mahoney on the sale of THE VALLEY AND FLOOD!!

From PW Children’s Bookshelf:

Alex Sanchez at Razorbill has acquired Rebecca Mahoney‘s debut, The Valley and the Flood. The contemporary YA novel with shades of Twin Peaks follows Rose, whose car breaks down outside a small desert town where the people are bracing themselves for a disastrous flood. Her journey is thrown off course when she discovers that not only is she the prophesied bringer of said flood, but that the key to stopping it lies in confronting the accident that killed her best friend and the scars it left behind. Publication is set for fall 2020; Hannah Fergesen at KT Literary negotiated the deal for world rights.

THE VALLEY AND THE FLOOD is like nothing else I’ve ever read. It invokes the same feeling of the uncanny created by shows like Welcome To Nightvale and Twin Peaks, and expertly delves into themes of mental health, found family, and loss. I cannot wait for readers to experience the strange world Rebecca has created!

Congratulations, Rebecca!!!