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Please Welcome Barrie Summy, My Newest Client!

Please help me give a warm KT Literary welcome to my newest client, Barrie Summy. I was fortunate enough to connect with Barrie via a referral from one of Kate’s clients, and when I picked up her fabulous, tightly plotted middle grade magical realism story I couldn’t put it down. Here’s the pitch:

Eleven-year-old trivia buff Leah Carter buys a misshapen miniature plastic elephant from the 99 Cent Store on a trip to visit her Dad in Phoenix. When she discovers it shoots her into other people’s dreams, she thinks she’s found the solution to all her problems. She can convince her ex-best friend to quit hanging out with mean girl Natalie. She can persuade the other kids at school she’s nice and non-violent and friend-worthy, and that the whole broken-leg incident with Natalie was one big misunderstanding. That is, until the magic starts wearing off, and Leah has to find the courage to confront the ex-best friend, fix her tattered relationship with her dad, and land a coveted spot in the Triviamania school competition all on her own.

Barrie Summy amassed student loans and earned degrees in French, Canadian Literature, and Speech/Language Pathology before realizing she wanted to write middle-grade mysteries. She is the author of The Disappearance of Emily H.and the I So Don’t Do mystery series. Barrie lives in Southern California with her husband. She is a fan of their four children, licorice and veiled chameleons. She is not a fan of cooked carrots.




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