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New Client Heather Truett!

I’m thrilled to welcome Heather Truett to the KT Literary family as my newest client. I fell in love with her YA novel in verse and just knew I had to work with her! Here’s the pitch:

When Airy Bull’s ex-boyfriend goes off to college and gets “woke” about feminism, he publically apologizes for raping her when she was 16. Airy isn’t sure what the biggest problem with this is… the fact that he never raped her or that this is how her current boyfriend found out she isn’t a virgin. Airy will have to convince new guy Sam to forgive her for lying to him while navigating gossip and confusion sparked by her ex’s faux-pology.

Heather is a writer, a mother, and a somewhat heretical pastor’s wife. Her credits include: The Mom Egg, Vine Leaves Literary, Tipton Poetry Journal, Drunk Monkeys, Panoply Zine, and the Young Adult Review Network. Heather is currently a senior at the University of Memphis, double-majoring in English (Creative Writing) and Spanish.

You can follow her on Twitter, or learn more about her here! Welcome, Heather!

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