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Happy Book Birthday to John E. Stith!

“Top-Notch Thriller from John E. Stith” – Kingdom Books

Congratulations to John E. Stith on today’s release of PUSHBACK!

John is a Nebula Award-nominated science fiction author and PUSHBACK is his first straight thriller. Author Mark Stevens says, “John Stith’s PUSHBACK is a fast-paced ride that gives new definition to the term ‘bad week.’

Dave, an investment counselor with PTSD, survives a blowout that kills his fiancee, Allison.

A year later, Dave has found unexpected happiness with Cathy. At Dave’s very-small-high-school reunion, Dave is stunned that he doesn’t recognize anyone there. Cathy, who was previously victimized by a con man, breaks it off. Late that night, Dave gets a text: “How does it feel to be so quickly forgotten?” Apparently, someone close to Allison is angry that he has moved on so “soon.”

Dave’s PTSD symptoms make him avoid conflict at almost any cost, so he hopes this will pass. It doesn’t. The harassment escalates. And now, someone is trying to kill him.

Dave’s only choices are to flee or stay and fight. Has somebody picked on the wrong guy?

Check out John’s science fiction backlist and learn more about PUSHBACK on his website: www.neverend.com

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