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Happy Book Birthday to Julie E. Czerneda!

Happy Book Birthday to Julie E. Czerneda whose SEARCH IMAGE releases today from DAW Books!

SEARCH IMAGE is the start of a new series by Julie called the Webshifter Library series. But, the main protagonist is anything but new…

Julie is a former biologist and her science fiction novels (and fantasy novels too!) are packed with biology, science and the natural world. From a recent blog post, Julie explains Esen – the main character in SEARCH IMAGE – as, “A blob of blue, shaped like a teardrop. Who happens to be a semi-immortal shapeshifter. Who has really good intentions…but is working on her life skills.”

Read the entire post at The Little Red Reviewer here.

– available today in hard cover and ebook and coming very soon in audiobook (narrated by the amazing team of Luck Christian Bell and Daniel Thomas May.)

The first book in the Web Shifter’s Library series returns to the adventures of Esen, a shapeshifting alien and member of an ancient yet endangered race, who must navigate the perils of a hostile universe.

Esen’s back! And the dear little blob is in trouble, again.

Things began so well. She and her Human friend Paul Ragem are ready to celebrate the first anniversary of their greatest accomplishment, the All Species’ Library of Linguistics and Culture, by welcoming his family back. He hopes. Having mourned his supposed death years ago, understandably, feelings are bent.

Instead, they’ve unexpected guests, starting with an old acquaintance. Paul’s father has gone missing under dire circumstances.

Before he can convince Esen to help him search, a friend shows up to use the Library. A crisis on Dokeci Na is about to explode into violence. To stop it, Evan Gooseberry needs answers. Unfortunately, the artifact he brought in trade holds its own distracting secret. A touch of very familiar blue. Web-flesh.

The race is on. Paul, to find his father. Esen, to search for a mysterious legacy while helping Evan avert an extinction. What none of them realize is the price of success will be the most terrible choice of all.

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