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Tanis Parenteau narrates TRAIL OF LIGHTNING audiobook!

Congratulations to Rebecca Roanhorse on the recent release of TRAIL OF LIGHTNING in audiobook!

Also, a huge round of thanks to Audible for casting the amazing Tanis Parenteau to narrate! Tanis is the actress who played Lacy Cousins on Designated Survivor and has appeared in Twilight Zone, House of Cards, etc.

From Tanis’s website, “Tanis was born and raised in Peace River, Alberta, Canada. She is a member of the Métis Nation of Alberta and is of Cree and Sioux descent. As a life-long athlete, Tanis was never a stranger to performance. She was a competitive figure skater for 15 years and was also cast in a local production of The Sound of Music at a young age.”

Tanis is brilliant with the narration of TRAIL OF LIGHTNING. If you are an audiobook fan (like us!), find your copy now and enjoy!

Find the audiobook on Audible here!

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